Julep Hannah

I decided to make a lengthier post about this polish because it's such an interesting color: so easy to underappreciate but ultimately pretty amazing. I mentioned that I had my initial qualms when I received Julep Hannah with my January 2014 Julep Maven Boho Glam box. The marketing text described Hannah as a "[s]age crème",... Continue Reading →


Face-off: Julep Margot vs. Julep Sienna

In my post about the January 2014 Julep Maven box, I mentioned that Margot and Sienna struck me as being very similar colors, with Sienna appearing just a smidgen more silvery/unsaturated. Now that I've swatched them on the nail, I can confirm that they're similar enough that they can probably be considered dupes of each... Continue Reading →

Lupicia Tea 2014 Happy Bag

This post isn't about polish, but it is about a mystery bag. It's hard for me to pass up a mystery bag/box, especially when it's an excellent value. It's even harder for me to pass up a mystery bag when that bag is full of delicious tea - which, by the way, for those of... Continue Reading →

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