Julep January 2014 Maven box: The Boudoir Collection, Boho Glam

I didn’t expect to make a second blog post today, but my January 2014 Julep Maven box arrived earlier than expected. I almost skipped this month, but I ended up going with the Boho Glam box because my husband was in love with the sage green creme, Hannah.

Here’s my box, as usual, packaged very nicely. The dove-gray scrunchy paper and pearly blush tissue paper look pretty snazzy together.


The Boho Glam box had the Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops, Hannah (the sage creme), and Noelle (“[s]andy beach silk”). The bonus item, those spongy orange things on the right, looks like maybe nail buffing blocks to me, though I’m not 100% sure because the package didn’t say. They’re stiff and rough, so that’s my best guess. The card also includes a 10% off code (it’s cuticle10) for buying Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover and Julep’s cuticle pusher. The usual inspirational quote square insert doesn’t have an inspirational quote this time: it just says “2014 will be my year.” I got Margot (“Old Hollywood gold shimmer”) as an add-on, partially because I love gold foils and partially because I was curious about something (read on).


I haven’t tried the quick dry drops yet, though I figured they’d come in handy, since I’m very impatient. I’m looking forward to trying Noelle, the silk-finish polish (which Julep describes as “semi-matte with a hint of opalescence”), but I’m actually a little uncertain about Hannah. The sage green looks much more vibrant in Julep’s product shots than it does in person. If you thought my photo made the green look a little desaturated, kind of grayish with a hint of khaki, that’s not because the colors are off in the image; it really is sort of brownish in person. I’m going to withhold final judgment until I actually put it on, though. I’ll post swatches when I do.

(UPDATE 1/6/14: I’ve now swatched Sienna and Margot together for your reference pleasure.)

(UPDATE 1/15/14: Here are my swatches for Noelle and comments on the Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops.)

(UPDATE 1/28/14: I’ve now swatched Hannah, as well.)


Meanwhile, Margot is the first color I’ve gotten from Julep that is almost identical to a previous color, at least in the bottle. I’ll post a face-off later, to compare it on the nail. Meanwhile, check out these photos. As I suspected from seeing the preview photos, it looks like a near-dupe of Sienna in the bottle.


Sienna is just slightly paler and more greenish/cooler-toned than Margot, which has a more saturated color in comparison, but they’re otherwise almost identical. (Feel free to ignore the rose-tinged liquid at the top of Sienna; the polish had settled a bit and separated, but I shook up the bottle for the next two photos.) I’m pretty sure most people couldn’t tell these two apart if they weren’t right next to each other. I put Zelda next to the two, just as a reference point; it’s obviously much pinker-toned.

Close-up in shade:


Close-up in full sun:


Yep, pretty similar. You probably don’t need both (again, to be confirmed after swatching), but my burning need to compare these two polishes came first, so I hope this post helps someone. :]

Did you get this month’s Maven box, and if so, how did you like it?


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