Zoya Dream, Seraphina, and Mosheen

I’m celebrating my almost-birthday by finally wearing three polishes from Zoya’s  Zenith collection for winter this year. I’ve seriously been super excited to try these ever since I hunted them down about a month or so ago. I was practically salivating as soon as I saw Dream and Payton (which I’ll swatch later on) and ended up liking the entire collection enough to buy all six. They’re normally $8 each, but with strategic coupon deployment on top of a buy-two-get-one deal at my local Ulta, I managed to pick up the set for about $32. Score! 😀

This is two coats of  Zoya Dream on all nails but the ring finger, which has two coats of Zoya Seraphina striped with Zoya Dream (two coats) and topped with Zoya Mosheen (one coat):

Zoya Dream is a rich deep-cerulean blue (somewhere between topaz blue and sapphire blue) jelly base with fine holographic flake glitter – it gives an effect like a starry sky or thickly falling snow. So beautiful – of course I’d choose this polish for my birthday nails! Two coats provided good coverage (and glitter complexity), and the formula is great.


Zoya Seraphina is a neutral-toned silver-white metallic/shimmer. It’s hard to see in my photos because I slapped so much other stuff on it, but it’s got a really pretty, clean, icy, spun-sugar look to it on its own. The formula is good but pretty sheer, so I would’ve used three coats if I wore it by itself.


Zoya Mosheen is a delicate-looking glitter effect polish with a sheer turquoise base (which does tint the base color a tiny bit), fine translucent iridescent blue/green bar glitter, and fine translucent pink/gold round glitter. It reminds me of candy, icicles, snowy pine needles, snow globes, and Christmas tinsel. :] The formula is a little goopy in the way of most glitters, but not overly thick and easy to work with.

In direct sunlight (the rainbow sparkle shows up more in person):


I love all three colors – they’re all very wintry yet would look great at any time of year – but Dream is my favorite, hands down. Do you like the Zoya winter 2013 polishes? Which one’s your favorite?

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