Julep December 2013 Maven box: The Glitterati Collection, Classic with a Twist

I’ll be honest: I waffled on this month’s Julep Maven box. I was kind of torn because I like many of the colors, but at the same time, many seemed a little too similar to ones I already have (not all of them Juleps), and the combinations for each Maven type seemed to include at least one color I wanted and one that I felt I had something similar to already.

In the end, I picked the Classic with a Twist box because I wanted to try out the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette, and Jillian, which Julep describes as a “[d]eep eggplant with bronze molten”, caught my eye the most out of this month’s polishes. Meanwhile, Mia, described as a “[g]reenish silver metallic”, struck me as similar to many silvery foils I already own, but I decided I’d take it anyway because I never get  tired of shiny silvers.


The box also included a couple surprises: a set of two Twistbands (a silver and a blue-purple) with a code for 25% off the Twistband Club for 2014 (a hair-tie subscription service which quick Internet research tells me usually costs $10/month, with discounts if you purchase more months at once) and a Julep code for 40% off a purchase (excluding Maven Exclusives, Savvy Deals, and Secret Store items) before the end of this year. I might just save my Julep code for this month’s mystery box!

I snapped a detail photo of the two polishes, but the sunlight wasn’t really cooperating today, so Jillian looks black (keep scrolling for a better picture later on). In person, it’s more like the first photo – a shimmery burgundy that flashes gold in the right light. It does have a translucent black base, though, like Julep’s other moltens (Blakely and Angela), and will look almost black from certain angles.


The eyeshadow palette has a magnetic closure, and the case is made of satin-finish laminated cardboard. There’s a piece of protective plastic between the mirror and the powder. At least one of the pots in my palette (Tiramisu, the leftmost and lightest color) is kind of crookedly set, and it doesn’t seem I can fix it. Overall, I feel the packaging and presentation isn’t quite as sleek and high-end-looking as previous Julep cosmetic products (like, say, the lip scrub), but it’s in one piece and seems sturdy and functional. As long as the product works well, I don’t care all that much.


I haven’t had a chance to try these yet, and I hardly ever wear makeup, but I may have a chance over the holidays to use them and update this post with my thoughts on the shadows.

I also made a quickie color comparison of Mia with Missy and Sienna for your reference, so you can see how similar/dissimilar the colors are. I also included a much better/more accurate bottle shot of Jillian that shows off its potential gold-to-purple flash.


In more yellowish fluorescent lighting, I found that Missy and Mia looked kind of similar. In whiter light, like in the photo above, Mia is more obviously green-tinted. I imagine the subtle greenish tint might make Mia more flattering for people with warmer/olive skin tones to wear, though I don’t feel it does all that much for my more pinkish skin. I do like Jillian a lot, and I’m happy with the box overall, though, as I suspected, I’ve got a few polishes in my stash kind of similar to Mia.

Next up, I’ll be posting a face-off between Jillian and Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice, which I luckily found at my local CVS today. (Score!) I’m just waiting until I have a chance to take a photo or two in sunlight before I write that up.

Did any of you get the Julep Maven box this month? Which box did you choose, and what did you think?


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