BaubleBar November 2013 Mystery Makeover

Earlier this month, I picked up BaubleBar‘s November Mystery Makeover ($40), which includes their Crystal Dahlia Strand in antique gold, gold, or silver, as well as two mystery pieces. The items together are advertised to have a value of up to $74. I used a 20%-off secret savings code they sent me a while back and was able to nab this for $32.

I chose the silver set, and here’s what I got.


The Crystal Dahlia Strand ($32) is super sparkly and makes rainbows in the right light. It looks generally well made for its price point – but one of the gems popped off almost as soon as I handled it (gently). Nothing a little E-6000 or epoxy can’t fix, though, so I’m not going to bother BaubleBar about a replacement this time. I might just shoot them an e-mail to let them know what happened, in case it’s a quality control problem.

Close-up in indoor lighting:


In direct sunlight to show the full sparkle of this necklace, as well as the gem boo-boo (top left-ish)  that needs some glue:


My two bonus items were two matching bracelets, a silver tear bangle (similar to a rose version currently available for $28) and a stretch bracelet not currently available on the site. It’s somewhat similar to other gem bracelets going for $34 to $36 on the site right now, so I’ll set that as my estimate for full retail price. As usual, these are relatively good-quality costume jewelry, and they’re comparable to the type of accessories you can get at these prices. The tear bangle arrived with a little bald spot in the metal plating, and the gems aren’t all set perfectly, but it’s acceptable and not noticeable unless you look closely. The stretch bracelet has no noticeable flaws.


That comes out to an estimated total of $66 to $68 full retail value. I wouldn’t pay that for these items by a long shot, but just judging based on the items’ quality on their own, I think they’re worth the $32 I shelled out.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts on my old blog, my experience with BaubleBar’s overall quality has been mixed, and I’ve received jewelry with missing gems or, like this one, with gems that fall out shortly after I take it out of the box, with only gentle handling. On one hand, I think stuff you pay for should come in one piece and stay that way with reasonable use, and you shouldn’t settle for things falling apart. On the other hand, I usually grab this stuff for a pretty good price, and the fixes are usually pretty easy. When problems have been more serious, it’s been super easy to talk to customer service and get it taken care of.

Honestly, I think what’s kept me coming back is the great customer service. For instance, with this box, It was nice of them to mail me a $10 off $30+ code just because the order took them a bit longer than usual to ship (I ordered on 11/13, and it was shipped six days later, instead of the usual one to two days or so). I think that’s important in a business, and as long as I have good experiences with them, and their average quality is at least on par with what I’d expect from similar merchants or at a similar price point, I guess I won’t mind gluing a couple gems now and then.

UPDATE 11/24/13: Whoa, fast! Customer service already got back to me after I reported the issue this morning; they said they’ll be looking into it and appreciated the feedback. It’s apparently the first time they’ve heard of this problem with that necklace. Is it just my bad luck? If you guys order from BaubleBar and encounter any mishaps, I hope you’ll report them, too. Anyway, I’ve already gone ahead and epoxied that stray gem back in place (I love five-minute clear epoxy), and it looks good as new. :]


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  1. I love that box! I was wondering why they didn’t send you earrings. Did you choose “no” to the pierced ears question?

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