Zoya Jem, Channing, and Kerry

I tried out a bunch of Zoyas this past week, and they were all awesome in different ways.

Index & pinky: Zoya Jem, from Zoya’s fall 2011 Smoke & Mirrors collection, a deep, slightly warm-toned purple with a fine magenta shimmer that sometimes subtly flashes gold. I have no idea if it’s named after the 80s cartoon character, but if so, it’s very apropos. Zoya says “[t]his shade has it all; bold color, vampy drama, bright sparkle and a glam rock persona,” and it’s totally true. Beautiful jewel-toned color, and it’s almost a one-coater. I used two coats for added dimension with the layered flecks, but it was just about opaque in one. I bought this for $4.99 on clearance at Ulta – totally worth it.

Middle: Zoya Channing, from Zoya’s fall 2013 Satins & Cashmeres collection, on the Satins side. It’s a stunning, fiery rose-toned copper shimmer. It’s got that rosy base like OPI Jinx (though the polish itself, color and texture, are completely different) that sets it apart from other coppery burnt oranges I have. It’s not very easy to see in my photo, but it gives the polish an almost coral glow when the light hits it. Great, smooth formula, too. This is two coats.

Ring: Zoya Kerry, from Zoya’s spring 2013 Irresistible collection, a sparkly, sunny yellow-gold foil/glass fleck. I’m not the absolute expert on categorizing polish finishes, and though Zoya describes this as a foil, Kerry strikes me as having a bit more of a glass fleck texture than a straight-up foil. It’s super shiny and takes well to glitter toppers, too. Two coats in the photo.

I also wore Channing on my thumb, though it’s not pictured here.

These polishes are about what I’ve come to expect from Zoya. I just love how Zoya shimmers have great depth and seem to glow when hit by the light. They don’t last super long on me, though; generally, Zoyas will chip significantly after about 3 days or so on me, whereas a typical Julep or Orly is more likely to last 5-7 days with the same base and top coats.


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