BaubleBar Mademoiselle Necklace & Mystery Gift

In celebration of Halloween, BaubleBar had a Mystery Gift offer where using the code TREAT would snag you an mystery bonus item (up to a $36 value) with a purchase of $40 or more.

I had an unfortunate experience with BaubleBar with last month’s Mystery Makeover because the Corsage Strand arrived broken, and the replacement I exchanged it for also arrived broken. 😦 That was pretty sad, but BaubleBar’s customer service is great, and they not only completely refunded my money but promised to throw in something extra the next time I made an order. This order was it!


I ordered the black Mademoiselle Necklace ($42 regularly, currently on sale for $28 as a “Monthly Must” this month), essentially as a replacement for the black Corsage Strand that I had really wished worked out because it’s similar enough that it’ll fill that void of disappointment for now. I just love black jewelry, and this one seems sturdier than the Corsage Strand, thank goodness. I miss the contrast from the gray gems on the Corsage Strand, but the oversized hematite-colored chain links give this one an edgier, bolder look that I like, too. The small rainbow gems are a nice touch. It’s too bad I missed this month’s sale price, but I’m still satisfied with my purchase.

Just as a note,  the site says it’s made of metal and glass, but I’m maybe 90% sure the gems are actually acrylic, not glass. The Mademoiselle Necklace is a little on the higher end of what I’ve bought from BaubleBar before – it’s nicer costume jewelry. Maybe not all the gems are perfectly seated in their settings, and some of the gems have visible casting artifacts, but it’s not all that noticeable unless you’re looking closely. I don’t find those small flaws critical in this type of casual jewelry, and it’s otherwise sturdy, interesting, and plenty sparkly for my purposes, e.g., wearing to work and everyday fun.


As for the extras, I’m not sure which one’s the Mystery Gift and which one is the extra they gave me to make up for my last order, but they’re both stretch bracelets and roughly interchangeable. I dug around the site trying to look up what items they were, but they don’t appear available for sale right now, though I know I’ve seen them before. One is a red and gold jeweled stretch, and the other is a silver spike stretch with pave accents. As far as I can tell, both are cast metal with acrylic gems, and the stretchy material is that clear kind of plastic elastic. Both are easy to wear with various types of outfits and well made, so I’m happy with them. From what I can tell, similar bracelets on the site go for about $22-38 regular and $18-20 on sale.


Overall, my customer service experience with BaubleBar has been 100% positive so far, and I feel reassured of the general quality of their items (decent costume jewelry that can be worn in a professional setting), even after that one less fortunate experience. Since then, I’ve also ordered one other necklace (the Fireball Pendant in black & hematite) without any problems, and I received tons of compliments when I wore it today. With the free shipping, frequent rotating deals, and interesting pieces, I’m sure I’ll be back as I expand my collection.


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