Julep Swatch Me Stickers review

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I threw in the set of 3 Swatch Me Stickers as a $1.99 add-on to my last Julep order. I also mentioned in that post that I was mildly disappointed because the labels were made of an uncoated paper more akin to regular printer labels you can buy at the store than the nice glossy ones that come pre-applied to all newer Julep polishes.


Time for a quickie review, in case anyone is thinking of picking these up, because I would’ve liked to know these things before I bought them myself, and I hope this post helps inform somebody!


  • Heavier, sturdier stock than your typical printer label
  • Same design, size and elegantly rounded square shape as existing Julep Swatch Me stickers for uniformity
  • Generally cut well enough that I didn’t have any label ripping problems when peeling them off the sheet


  • Not glossy coated, like the stickers that come on the newer Julep polishes
  • Not perfectly cut, so each side of the sticker still has a tuft of extra paper where it separated from the sheet (see photo below)
  • Polish soaks into the sticker! This results in splotchy wet-looking spots under the swatch, as you can see in the below photo


See the mottling of wet/oily-looking spots under the swatches? The polish on the left is Natasha, a creme that actually has no color variation. The color on the right is Sheryl, which is a shimmer, but the wet spots are still distracting on the swatch. What’s worse? The swatches have already dried, and the wet spots didn’t go away. Argh!

The tufts sticking out of each side may also bother some (like me) – it’s not perfectly smoothly cut like the stickers that come pre-applied on newer Juleps.

In short: Would I buy these again? Probably not, even though they were relatively cheap. I bought them because I wanted relative uniformity across all my Juleps (I’m a little obsessive with my organizing), but because the stickers I got ended up being different and inferior in many ways to the labels Julep puts on their polishes themselves, it almost defeats the purpose. :\ I’m not sure I could get a better match making my own labels, but possibly. The wet splotches on the swatches is kind of a deal-breaker for me, too, and even plain glossy-coated labels would have been preferable to me.

Have you tried Julep’s Swatch Me stickers? Does anyone know if they ever came in a glossy version?


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