Julep Marjorie, Cleopatra, and Casper, plus China Glaze Boo-gie Down

Halloween nails!

Thumb and pinky – 2 coats Julep Marjorie
Index – 2 coats Julep Cleopatra with a stripe of  Julep Marjorie and a 2 coats Julep Casper
Middle – 2 coats Julep Marjorie with a stripe of Julep Casper
Ring – 2 coats Julep Cleopatra with a stripe of Julep Marjorie and a coat of China Glaze Boo-gie Down

Marjorie is one of my favorite orange polishes ever. I got it in Julep’s August 2013 It Girl Maven box this year, and this type of bright, juicy orange is one of my favorite colors. Julep describes Marjorie as a citrus orange frost, but I’d describe it as more of a shimmer than a frost. It’s pretty opaque in even one coat and ready to go in 2 coats, though you might still see some nail line (which I don’t personally mind, but some people do). It was a bit slow to dry for me, but it applies super smoothly and is luminous with gold motes in the sun.

Cleopatra is an opaque black with what Julep calls a latex finish, which seems to mean it dries smooth and matte. Nicely opaque in 2 coats and dries really fast. You can’t really see the latex effect in my photo because I ended up covering everything with top coat in the end, but the matte finish is satiny and nice. I’m not sure how the latex finish differs from a black creme with a matte top coat, but if it achieves the same effect and durability, I can see how Cleopatra might save some time. This polish was from this month’s Bombshell Maven box.

Casper is also from this month’s Maven selections and was available as an add-on. It’s a sheer-ish shimmery silver-white, and it glows pretty brightly in the dark (slightly more brightly than China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, and without that greenish haze when it’s over another color)!

Finally, Boo-gie Down is part of China Glaze’s Monsters Ball collection for Halloween this year, and it’s copper, gold, black, and white hexes and round glitters in varying sizes, and. I think, some black bar glitter in a clear base. The copper and gold glitters are metallic, while the black and white glitters are matte. I love the glitter combination and bet it could look great over other colors year round. It’s a bit goopy in the way of glitters and requires some dabbing to apply, but that’s to be expected from this kind of glitter polish.

So now I’m all set for Thursday. Any of you planning any fun Halloween nails?


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