Julep “The Bogeyman” Spooky Set and Mystery Add-On

My sister alerted me to the Spooky Sets currently on sale at Julep, and I really love Halloween, so I went ahead and picked one up. I decided to go with The Bogeyman because it’s obviously the best value, and I like all the items. It’s going for $29.99 for a lightweight black skull scarf (not purchasable separately), white snake ring (not purchasable separately), and three polishes ($14 each regular retail, $11.20 Maven price, and may be cheaper on sale). At maximum (regular retail) value, the polishes already come to $42 on their own ($33.50 Maven), and I’ve seen Julep polishes go for about $5 each on sale, for a total of $15 value at estimated low-ball value for the polishes alone. That still leaves about $15 for the scarf and ring, which I think is a decent deal.


As you can see, the box actually arrived with some surprise extras! In addition to the items I ordered, they threw in a second serving of candy corn (there was a baggie of it in the October Maven box) and cute Halloween nail decals! Awesome! The decals are apparently made by Etsy artist Alex Cole and usually go for $3.99 a set. They’re pretty sweet. (Photo with my snake ring repurposed as a necklace with a chain I already own.)


The Bogeyman set includes Nicolette (opaque French white), Cleopatra (black latex crème, no latex in formula), and Marjorie (citrus orange frost). I actually own Cleopatra and Marjorie already, but I’m trading Cleopatra with my sister later (we plan ahead for these things!), and I love Marjorie’s bright pumpkin orange and thought it’d be nice to have a spare, since Juleps are little and go so fast.


The black skull scarf is lightweight, delicate, and somewhat transparent (demonstrated against my polish rack below), with a loose, breezy weave – great for fall. The lace skulls are a nice touch. As you can see from my photo, it’s a big square. I had a slight issue with my scarf – it’s slightly defective, with part of the cream border missing (it’s in the photo on the left side). It’s not horrendously noticeable, but I think I’ll notify Julep anyway, since it’s still a bit disappointing to pay for something defective. I might estimate the value of this scarf around $10, based on similar-quality scarves I’ve seen.



The white snake ring is definitely costume-jewelry quality, but it’s decent enough for that purpose. Unfortunately, it’s way too huge for any of my fingers, including the thumb (I think it’s a size 8 or so, and it’s not adjustable) – but luckily, it makes for a really cool pendant when hung on a chain! Then again, I love snakes, so it’s awesome that snake accessories are sort of in right now. Definitely something I would wear. I might estimate this to be around $8, based on rings I’ve seen at, say, Claire’s.


The mystery add-on, which was offered with the Zig Zag Mystery Boxes earlier this month but surprisingly made available to purchasers of Spooky Sets, was $9.99 and promised to have a value of $42. Mine included Julep’s Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub ($14 regular retail, $11.20 Maven), which I have one of and love. I have super sensitive lips – which react to almost very lip product other than really plain stuff, like Vaseline, cocoa butter, and olive oil – and this lip scrub doesn’t set off my allergies at all. Instant love. I already have Karen (peach Bellini frost from the July 2013 California coast-themed collection – $14 regular, $11.20 Maven) and love having a spare, but Zora (frosted pink pearl from the May 2013 1920s-themed collection – $14 regular retail, $11.20 Maven) is new for me. Both awesome colors that I’m happy to have. This comes out to a maximum value of $42, Maven value of $33.60, and estimated minimum value of $15. Good deal any which way!

I also picked up a set of Swatch Me stickers because I can be kind of OCD about my polishes not all having the swatches on top, but I was deceived! The Swatch Me stickers are not glossy like the ones that come pre-applied. They’re more like the plain labels you can print at home. :\ Meh. This isn’t going to help my obsessive tendencies much, unfortunately! At least they were cheap – $1.99 for three sheets, 20 stickers per sheet. I guess I’m just going to have to practice discipline when I look at my polish caps, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing.


Better yet, I bought this all with a 20% discount from the above prices with the code FIRST20.  BG74L8U ($5 off $20) was also valid at the time I made my order, but I used FIRST20 for a better discount.

Except for the mild disappointment with the labels and the small defect on the scarf, I’m pretty happy with this haul! Anyone else pick up a Spooky Set? What did you think?

UPDATE 10/23/13: I e-mailed Julep about the defective scarf and about something I forgot to mention – my packing slip said I was supposed to have a free cabochon ring thrown in for apparently being one of the first 200 people to order a Spooky Set, and it wasn’t in the box! Hopefully, I’ll hear back soon. I’ll update the post with my customer service experience when I hear back.


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