Orly Nite Owl, Nfu-Oh 58, and Essie As Gold As It Gets

I’m in the process of moving here from Tumblr and my other Tumblr for more flexibility (and also to combine the two blogs), so this is going to be kind of a beefed-up dual post from my the old blog.

It’s finally starting to feel like autumn around here, so I thought I’d do some fall-themed nails. The photo shows day 2 – holding up pretty well!

All fingers have at least 2 coats of Orly Nite Owl (the middle finger has 3 coats and looks slightly grayer and more opaque), and the ring finger has an additional 2 coats of Nfu-Oh 58 and 1 coat of Essie As Gold As It Gets.

Orly Nite Owl official color swatch, via OrlyBeauty.com

Orly describes Nite Owl as a taupe shimmer, which is pretty accurate, but there’s just something amazing about this polish. I usually don’t go for nudes because I find them boring (just for myself, not on others!), but Nite Owl is not boring! The fine silver shimmer adds a lot of dimension and looks subtle and soft, rather than flashy. Reminds me of a cozy sweater. The formula is a bit sheer but builds up to full opacity in 3 thin coats. It’s mostly opaque in 2, but not completely. Really easy to apply, too.


Nfu-Oh 58 is a rust/burnt-orange jelly with matching opalescent flakes. It shifts rainbow colors in the bottle, but on the nail, it’s mostly in the peridot-to-orange spectrum, at least on me. Still very pretty, like fallen leaves in this combo, and the formula was easy to work with. I nabbed this – along with Nfu-Oh 51 (finally!), the polish that launched my nail polish obsession – from FabulouStreet.com slightly on sale for $11.25 (reg. $12.50). I love this line (Nfu-Oh Victorian Series), but it’s sadly discontinued. At least it’s still available readily for now.

Essie Luxe Effects As Gold As It Gets official bottle shot, via Essie.com

As Gold As It Gets added just that subtle gold flaking that I was looking for. It’s sparse, small gold flakes in a variety of sizes, suspended in a clear base, and applies smoothly. Some dabbing might be needed in the way of glitters, but that’s to be expected.

This set, used with Gelous and Orly Bonder below and Seche Vite on top, is proving to be nicely durable and looks about the same on the third day (just some tip wear and barely noticeable tiny chips), despite my usual shenanigans.


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